About Us

Midwest Vascular and Varicose Vein Center specializes in treating all stages of varicose veins and spider veins. Our specialized services include:

EVLT® (Endovenous Laser Treatment)

Midwest vascular and varicose vein center was founded by Dr. Innocent Ubunama. Dr. Ubunama is Fellowship trained in General vascular surgery, Endovascular surgery and Phlebology surgery (Veins). He is also trained in Laser technology, Laparoscopic and Aesthetic surgery.

At Midwest vascular and varicose vein center, we offer services in the area of laser vein treatment. It takes about half an hour to perform and you can go back to work without any down time. We use injection sclerotherapy to treat spider and reticular veins. The chemicals we use are very smooth to the skin and does not burn upon injection. We take pride in what we do and like to see patients smiling leaving the office.

Because we like our patients to set the time back to more youthful years, we also offer perform Dermal fillers for wrinkles and often patients cry of joy when leaving the office because they look 5-10 years younger.

If you refer a patient to Midwest vascular, you will have $50 credit towards spider vein sclerotherapy or towards facial dermal filler treatment.

We are located in the Bowling Green and Toledo area of Ohio.
Call us at 419-373-6000